Thursday, July 3, 2008

Time Flies When You Are Working Hard!

So, I noticed that I last posted 6/15-ish, which was two weeks ago! It is amazing that time just zips by like that! An update for you of things new in Storeland:

  • Connie and Diana did visit, bringing garden crow masks and a couple other one time specialty garden people. One of the crows found a new home the next day!
  • Jeanne brought in a delightful selection of floral arrangements. She puts together artificial flowers and containers in an amazing way. You must stop by if you can and see what magic she brings to the world of unreal flowers. I'll see if I can't get a few pics up here too.
  • Amethyst Soaps have arrived!! If I seem over excited, it is only because you have not seen these things! Realistic soaps that look like turquoise and amethyst- just flat out amazing!
  • Teagues Beads has arrived- they do great glass ornaments, bead pens and cufflinks. I love increasing our "man items", it helps keep the store well rounded.
  • Julie from Gems and Treasures has sent us another shipment of little beautiful hair things. It makes me almost want to be more girly, almost! ;) She has new calla lilly hairpins that are so pretty. I just want to grab the "toe girls" going to the nail salon next door and tell them, "hey, these are perfect for you!" I think me running screaming down the mall might not work the way I want in a customer service aspect, but I can imagine, right?
  • Sky brought us some cool hair sticks to go with his hair clips and other things. I took some of his things with me to the Recycled Arts fair in Vancouver this last weekend and the Oregon ornaments sold very well. btw- that was the best show for me ever! The recycled nature of it meant that I couldn't bring all my items, only the ones that featured broken china. I sold about thirty pendants! I will be on board to do that show again next year, that is for sure.
  • New chocolate flavors have arrived. Melissa from Missionary Chocolates brought in some new babies, including mint, peppermint and blueberry. Her five truffle gift packs are perfect for that hard to buy for person.

So, if you are going to the Largest Fireworks Show west of the Mississippi, look for Renee at the Belle Sirota booth! We just got a great pink and black banner done that is going to be a standout at the show, I just know it. She has been working so hard to have enough things on hand for this show, I just know it will be great. :)

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