Monday, October 13, 2008 which several things dripping in cuteness are mentioned...

Halloween is in full swing here at the Jantzen Beach Mall - Scream at the Beach is going strong, although tonight is one of their few dark nights this month.
We have reached a full fifty artists in the store- many very talented people have joined us- let me give you a run down of some of my new favorites.

  • Lynne Curran dropped off her first creation just today! She crochets major cute witch hats and tis the season! The hat in question is child sized and fringed with purple eyelash fabric.
  • A new wire worker Rita Juhlin has joined us - she does wire wrapped precious gem rings as well as some chainmaille bracelets. Her work is super!
  • New items from Zeldaloo arrived in time for Halloween! Most of her creations, including a fabulous witch, are gracing our North window. :)
  • Masks from the world renowned Trapp Sisters are flying off the shelves. Connie and Diane are joining us weekends to face paint SATB goers. Last weekend my whole family joined in the fun.
  • SOAPYLOVE is here! Soapcicles are fun and totally bath friendly- we have several seasonal scents as well as a dozen of her regular scents (although there is nothing regular about them). See them at

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