Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome! I am Tonya, one half of a pair of crafty gals that decided to open a storefront that offers handmade artisan gifts. Renee and I are actively working day and night in our little place to create the best feel and atmosphere- sometimes with amazing results. I am going to "back up" so to speak and talk about how things started. We have only been open since April 4th, so I don't have far to go...

We had talked over Christmas about opening a store in Jantzen Beach Mall, since Renee had a mall cart there over the holidays. I didn't have the funds to start out, so I declined to get onboard. On or about my birthday (March 30) Renee called me. She was still working on getting the store off the ground and was wanting me to get involved. At that point I was better set financially, so I jumped in! (Life has not been the same since, let me tell you!)

Our first few days of partnership were hectic- we needed agreements, bank accounts, credit card processing, store fixtures and lots more. Since the storefront is in a mall, we have to keep mall hours, so once the store opened, we would never get out together again. After a couple false starts and one rude banker lady, we were ready to open.
Important points from this period:
  • always get business registered both federally and by the state
  • business contracts are necessary, though mumbo-jumbo
  • need bank account info before you can get credit card processing
  • takes act of congress to get bank accounts going
  • Try to stay out of Portland Store Fixtures as much as possible

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