Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome to June!

Well, it has been a long time coming, but I think Spring is finally here! Today is sunny and warm! Just in time for Summer!

This weekend has been great for the store. We had two good days in a row and received packages from two current artists and one from a new artist. We are working hard to make sure our inventory stays fresh and new, so packages are an exciting addition for us each week! So, we got new items from Rosanna Elizabeth (fantastic jewelry) and Tiffins Tidbits (handmade greeting cards), as well as vinyl purses, wristlets and make-up bags from fourteenlines (ooo! New Stuff!)

Today, Diana (half of a sister pair of local mask makers) stopped by to see the store. Not trying to brag, but she seemed impressed! We have these great soffets that cover our wall lighting, made of slat wall. I can just picture those masks hanging up there! They do costume masks as well as garden/wall art masks. I know they will grow wings and FLY out of here come Halloween. Anyone who is a kid at heart like me will buy them no matter the season. I am looking forward to seeing Diana and her sister, Connie, next week for our initial meeting. :)


La Alicia said...

oh, sounds like you your ventures are going swimmingly -- congrats!

flowersbyfarha said...

I'm so excited that Diane & Connie will be bringing in masks, soon!

I'm working on some animal print flowers that will be fabulous with their animal masks!